Delivery Information

1. International Express Messaging - Export

2. National e-commerce messaging (weighing more than 2 kg)
1. Prices are in Moroccan Dirhams (MAD) excluding taxes and are excluded from customs duties, a VAT of 20 MAD per shipment is applied to export express.

2. Aramex does not ship cash, dangerous goods, precious stones, perishable goods or high-value products without insurance

3. The bill will be increased by a variable fuel surcharge, calculated according to the US Gulf Coast index.

4. Expeditions to Iraq, Palestine will be subject to a surplus of 300 MAD, and a surplus of 200 MAD for Syria,

5. The volumetric shipping weight is calculated according to the formula below (in cm)

1.The VAT rate for national messaging is 14%.

2. Cash on delivery: 7 dh and the acceptable cash value in COD must not exceed 10.000 MAD.

3.Aramex has the right to debit the amount of its invoices since the COD.

4.Aramex will take out insurance for all national courier parcels calculated on the basis of 0.40% of the declared value of the goods shipped with a minimum of 10 Moroccan Dirhams per shipment. In order to be able to benefit from it, the customer will have to mention the actual value of the shipment on the slip, in default of which the responsibility of Aramex is capped at 250.00 Dirhams Moroccans per shipment.

5.The volumetric shipping weight is calculated according to the formula below (in cm)
                Length x Width x Height 3000


1. The customer undertakes not to use the means of Aramex to send or receive shipments of an illegal, risky or dangerous nature due to the nature, content, property or substance of products, goods or materials that 'they contain. The customer agrees to assume responsibility and to compensate Aramex for any loss resulting from non-compliance with this commitment.

2. Under the terms of this Agreement and any additions or renewals thereof, Aramex has the right to charge the Customer who agrees to pay according to the terms and rates detailed in this Agreement, for all shipments made.

3. As for international messaging, the customer is obliged to contract his own insurance. Aramex can arrange insurance at the customer's request. The insurance is 0.30% of the declared value of the goods.