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  •      About Sougmaroc

     Argan products are completely unique to Morocco, argan oil has been a culinary staple in Morocco for centuries,it's is a precious and rare oil not only because of its subtle but also its wide range of potential health benefits, but Buying argan oil in Morocco isn't as easy as one may think.          

     The idea was to set up this site is to offer you dear customer the best quality and the best products of the factories of the Moroccan local to produce natural oils until you reach your home.

           Sougmaroc is an Expert in the sale and manufacture of cosmetic products based on Argan, pick out the best 100% Organic Argan Oil products, we ensure top quality, Discover more about in our wide categories,it's uses, benefits.

  •       Our products

      The best products have been selected from the best factories and by the standards and dedicated to the service of our clients and facilitate access to products, faster and better way. As for the storage and transportation have special ways to maintain the quality of the product.


  •    Manufacturing areas

 Our products of international quality are manufactured in their areas of origin, such as

1.     Agadir

2.     Essaouira.